“Anytime we need anything, we know the City of Suffolk is there to support us.”
– Ted Narozny, Plant Manager Unilever Lipton Tea

Pre-Submittal Meeting

Local Incentives

State & Federal Incentives

Recent Examples


Unilever’s Lipton Tea was granted $1 million from the Commonwealth of Virginia and $3.7 million via EDIP from the city of Suffolk towards a $96 million upgrade in operations.

Applied Technical Systems

Applied Technical Systems’ (ATS) recent expansion qualified them to participate with the Suffolk Technology Zone incentive.

The Monument Companies

Monument was awarded a $70,000 façade grant to go towards the revitalization of 8 adjoining downtown buildings that have been renovated into modern lofts and retail space.


Sumitomo Machinery Corporation of America’s centralized distribution center, located in the Virginia Regional Center in Suffolk, is participating in the Foreign Trade Zone #20 status thanks to their location and product types.